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Resolution: (Fandom) Love Exchange

New Year's Eve Resolutions, Fandom Style

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In the spirit of the year ending and a new year beginning - I thought that we could all take the opportunity to start a new tradition (or at least try this idea on for size) and create a fandom New Year's Resolution.

This year, let's do a Love Exchange!!!

We are here - most of my flist is, anyway - for an open exchange of love. We are fans who think deep thoughts and write beautiful words about the things that we unabashedly love things together. And we are bonded by certain things that we all love - we found each other through mutual love.

But there are things that we love and don't share. Things that we watch, read, listen to, and love that we don't talk about here - either because there are other places of love and sharing for us. Or because it's something just for us that we didn't ever think to share.

This following year, let's give a little back to each other. Let's exchange love.

One thing that you love in exchange for one thing that someone else loves. As a year-long project, that way no one feels overwhelmed or stressed by the implications of taking on something new. It's a New Year's Resolution of Sharing and Exchanging Love and Squee.