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Love Resolution Meme: 2012


I hope everyone joins in for this, because I think it has the potential to be a lot of fun!!

We are here on the el-jay - most of my flist is, anyway - for an open exchange of love. We are bonded by certain things that we all love - we found each other through mutual love. But there are things that we love and don't share. Things that we watch, read, listen to, and love that we don't talk about here - either because there are other places of love and sharing for us. Or because it's something just for us that we didn't ever think to share.

This following year, let's give a little back to each other. Let's exchange love.

One thing that you love in exchange for one thing that someone else loves. As a year-long project, that way no one feels overwhelmed or stressed by the implications of taking on something new. It's a New Year's Resolution of Sharing and Exchanging Love and Squee.

How this works:::

(1) Pimp this out to your flists!!! The more people get involved  -  the higher chance you'll stumble upon something really lovely and new. Make banners! Write your letters!

(2) Comment below with your wishes::
  • I wish someone would watch [insert series or film here]
  • I wish someone would read [insert book here]
  • I wish someone would write [insert prompt here]
Wishes can be anything!! What you wish to share doesn't necessarily have to be something that is considered explicitly "fandomy" - - - it can be anything that you love and want to share with someone in the following year.

In this section, you can also tell us what you are willing to give back for your wishes. The exchange doesn't necessarily have to be show for show; or fic for fic. And nothing is set in stone. (see below for examples)

(2) Write a letter to your flist, explaining your squee and emotes for the things you wish to share. This is your place to win people over without being too spoilery - to really tell everyone why you love the things you love and why you want to share them so much.
You can link to it in your comment on the main thread, if you wish. Just be sure that the letter is unlocked so that anyone who wishes to can read/see it. 

(3) Troll the thread and start granting wishes.

Don't take on too much! Only take what you think you can legitimately accomplish this year! Don't stress yourself out trying to grant all the wishes that look interesting. A year is a long time - but this is supposed to be about love, not about anxiety!

This is an exchange of love - so don't forget to offer something in return!! Either by granting someone else's wish in return, or offering up something else. This part is going to be very personal, so feel free to take wish-granting conversations to your personal journal or PM if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Here's an example of one way to exchange::

 Say you agreed to watch Carnivale but I didn't really like any of your wishes, I could take the initiative to say: "Once you are 5-10 episodes into the series, I will gift you meta/fic/graphics of your favorite character/ship at that point" ... It might not be something anyone specifically asks for or offers right away, but is a viable exchange. 

Let me share my love with you. Is the point. However that manifests - go with it.

We will have random check-ins throughout the year. Little, gentle nudges so that you don't forget. When you "complete" a wish - LET US KNOW!!! Share the squee on the community page! Tell us what you loved, what was interesting, what didn't work for you. 

Also - anything that you promise to create or give - please post in the community page as well. Maybe it will catch someone's eye in March when they have more time and are able to commit!

[More banners under cut!!!]









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