Resolution: (Fandom) Love Exchange

New Year's Eve Resolutions, Fandom Style

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Let's get this Rolling, yes?
kwritten wrote in love_resolution
In the spirit of the year ending and a new year beginning - I thought that we could all take the opportunity to start a new tradition (or at least try this idea on for size) and create a fandom New Year's Resolution.

This year, let's do a Love Exchange!!!

We are here on the el-jay - most of my flist is, anyway - for an open exchange of love. We are fans who think deep thoughts and write beautiful words about the things that we unabashedly love things together. And we are bonded by certain things that we all love - we found each other through mutual love.

But there are things that we love and don't share. Things that we watch, read, listen to, and love that we don't talk about here - either because there are other places of love and sharing for us. Or because it's something just for us that we didn't ever think to share.

This following year, let's give a little back to each other. Let's exchange love.

One thing that you love in exchange for one thing that someone else loves. As a year-long project, that way no one feels overwhelmed or stressed by the implications of taking on something new. It's a New Year's Resolution of Sharing and Exchanging Love and Squee.

The main meme would be one post, hopefully opening up later this week depending on interest and staying open through the first week of January. This is a New Year's Resolution - so of course anyone can pop in during the year and pick something else up - but we want to make sure as many people connect at the new year as possible.

The reason for a community, and not just a meme through my personal page, would be so that there is a place where everyone can respond and post about the stuff they offered to do over the year. There's a high level of probability that more than one person will ask someone on their flist to watch Twin Peaks and more than one person will actually watch it - this comm will be a place where new loves are given, offered, and found. The idea is not just to find people who share your interests - but to introduce each other to new and lovely loves in our lives and share that new love with each other all year long.

This is an intro-post and a "let's get started" and a "start making banners and telling your friends" post. If you are the mod for another community and would like to share, share, share - I think that would be the most lovely of all lovely things.

Start thinking of what you want to share with everyone and look here for the main love-exchange meme by Friday, that way we can have the week to think it all over and the weekend to be shameless with want and love.

Each person's personal thread will look something like this:::

- I'll watch a season of any TV series if someone will watch the first season of insert series here
- I'll make a picspam of any character if someone will make me a picspam of insert wish here
- I'll write a 1000 word ficlet on the characters/fandom of your choice if someone will write me about something specific

Then underneath that comment, people would take you up on your offer, and wish-request back. 

- Friend A will watch that series, if I watch something for her/him; etc.

Or we can do it as a series of wishes::

- I wish for a season of series
- I wish someone would read insert book here
- I wish someone would write insert prompt here

Then underneath that comment, friends would grant wishes and in turn, I would go to their thread and grant their wish. (This set-up allows for some more mash-ups of the wishes - I wish someone would watch Alias with me, and will in turn will write a fic for Friend A, etc.)

Remember:: What you wish to share doesn't necessarily have to be something that is considered explicitly "fandomy" - - - it can be anything that you love and want to share with someone in the following year.
((ps - I'm still a newb in all things ~everything, so any suggestions or recommendations or constructive criticism would be amazing - ergo an extra week to get things all settled and started.))

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We have a head start with our Victorious/Skins exchange, you clever girl \O/

also, loving the idea, it's all sorts of shiny ♥ and I can already tell I will need someone to flail over The Hour with me.

Yes, it's where I got the idea ♥

This is not very related, but what you should be doing is going to this ficathon here and prompting Blair fic for me to write ♥

I left you a disgusting amount of prompts ... no go forth! Seduce me with your words and our ladies!

Do we also get the chance to turn things down? Like, just because I want someone to watch a season of Twin Peaks doesn't mean I'm willing to watch, like, a season of a sitcom. (I have a thing about sitcoms.) So there's negotiation that happens, yes? Hopefully with a totally shame-free veto option, like "No, thank you."

Yeah - that's why I like the second option better, tbh. Just a list of wishes and people grab them - and then you troll the comments and grab what you want. Instead of a 1:1 ratio (I give you something, if you'll give me something) - it'll be a bit more messy, possibly ... but it will ~hopefully prevent something like that from happening.

aka: "I wish someone would watch S1 of Twin Peaks"

You grant that wish

and then I pick something from your list to grant in return

For me personally, I think I'd prefer to broker deals with individuals, because then it's sort of a mutual thing, you know? I watch your show, you watch my show, we report back to each other. It's personal, and therefore more motivating. As opposed to a free-for-all where I promise to watch Show X out of some sense of balance because someone promised to watch my Show Y.

So for myself, I think I like the first option better. YMMV, obvs. :)

Yes. I see what you are saying and I feel your feels.

What I'm hoping for is a way in which a more personalized Exchange can be met. It doesn't necessarily have to be show for show; or fic for fic.

"I will do this IF you do this one specific thing" is what I'm hoping to avoid. Because that's not going to work. The more "open" forum allows for more give, I think. Not an obligation but...

Say you agreed to watch Carnivale but I didn't really like any of your wishes, I could take the initiative to say: "Once you are 5/10 episodes into the series, I will gift you meta/fic/graphics of your favorite character/ship at that point" ... It might not be something anyone specifically asks for or offers right away, but is a viable exchange.

Let me share my love with you. Is the point.

So it is going to have to be personal. And probably not as formulaic. Which is possibly more feasible with the second set up? But I think it will all depend on each person.

I mostly just don't want anyone to think they can grant a wish because of an implied "if I-then you" situation.

Ah. I see. I wonder if just modeling some possible conversations, as you've done here, would be helpful? Another one that seems useful to me would be along the lines of, "I see you'd like to convince someone to watch the first season of Victorious. Would you be interested in trading a season of Twin Peaks?" Because then it's up to the Victorious person whether they take the offer or not. There's no coercion there, just negotiation.

I'm not sure that made any sense. :P

This makes perfect sense!

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